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Annual General Assembly [B8045 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2022-09-11]
Annual General Assembly (Agenda) [B8046 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2022-09-11]
September 2022 Calendar [B8049 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2022-09-14]
Terry Fox Run Letter [B8047 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2022-09-12]
October Menu (Mr. Ted) [B8060 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2022-09-22]
October Order Form (Mr. Ted) [B8059 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2022-09-22]
Chocolate Fundraiser (PPO) [B8057 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2022-09-16]
Terry Fox Chocolate Fundraiser (PPO) [B8055 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2022-09-16]
Judicial Form (English) [B8044 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2022-09-11]
Judicial Form (Français) [B8043 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2022-09-11]
Daycare Registration Form 2022-2223 [B8042 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2022-09-11]
Code of Conduct 2022-2023 [B8037 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2022-09-11]
School Calendar 2022-2023 [B8036 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2022-09-11]
Timetable 2022-2023 [B8040 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2022-09-11]
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900 Des Lacasse, Auteuil, Laval, QC, H7K 3V9
Tel. 450 680-3040 Fax. 450 963-6138
Principal: Sarah Lefebvre Gauthier


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Word of the Day: AVIDITY
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Synonyms: eagerness, avidness, keenness.

Usage: A devoted fan, he followed the tennis tournament with avidity.