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About Us

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The map describing the attendance zone for this school is intended to provide a general overview of the territory this school serves. Parents must contact the school in question in order to confirm admissibility to the requested school.

Philosophy / Mission

Committed to the highest standards of education, Terry Fox Elementary School is founded upon respect for self and others. Students learn and grow in an environment that is safe, nurturing and secure. Everyone is expected to take responsibility for actions resulting from choices that have been made. In this way, accountability is a cornerstone of modeling and practicing respect. Our mission is to ensure that within this environment, trust is built between all students, staff and community members so that we can continue to form a partnership where learning and working can be taught and practiced and where diversity is encouraged.


General Information

Since its new location and opening on September 20, 1993, Terry Fox Elementary School houses kindergarten to Grade six students. The school has grown with the community it serves. Ever vigilant to parental input and requests, it has one of the largest daycares in the school board. Its educational project continues to be revised in light of the recent school board resolution on the Use of Laval Schools and the newly established attendance zones. Our staff continues to align our programs of studies with the new reforms and with requests from parents concerning the development of early childhood literacy and its maintenance and sustainability. In 2003-2004, we conducted research on early childhood and bilingual literacy. At the request of our community, we developed a literacy model and established literacy standards based on a subject time-allocation where French Language Arts as a form of enriched French, the teaching of a subject in French and Integrated English Language Arts are presented as a plausible alternative to the early French immersion model. With its one day in French, four days in English curriculum, we expect our kindergarten students to be fully prepared for early bilingual literacy through phonological awareness and exposure to early alphabetization in both French and English.


Parent Participation

At Terry Fox Elementary School, we have devoted, dedicated and task-oriented parents. Our Governing Board is very active and involved in trying to support us in our endeavour to make our school a center of learning excellence. Our Parent Participation Organization is also a strong presence in every aspect of school life making it possible for our students to participate in various activities bringing theatre, music and storytellers to the school.

Exchanging ideas and unselfishly sharing their expertise, they work with us in order to make Terry Fox Elementary a true community school. Terry Fox Elementary School is proud of its parent volunteers who work side by side with us in an atmosphere of respect in the interest of the children we care for.



The Quebec Education Program guides and leads us in our educational task. Our kindergarten program continues to prepare students for the reality of living in Quebec through its three-day early childhood English literacy program and its two-day early childhood French literacy program. Our elementary program is based on the study of French and English and research-informed teaching strategies. It is enhanced on a continual basis with the integration of special projects introduced by some of our teachers who have been awarded grants in order to work on literacy and bilingual literacy projects. School wide fun activities complement our academic activities so that students learn to communicate, collaborate, cooperate and respect each other.



Integration through technology throughout the program of studies is very important. Terry Fox School is proud of its two computer labs that were established in September 2000 and revamped in September 2003. Each lab has been designated to service specific cycles. With our wide selection of educational software for all ages, as well as Internet access, the labs offer an exciting and enjoyable learning experience. Terry Fox day care has a specialized program operating with the Ministry of Education. It is open before and after school and all day on pedagogical days. Among activities that the day care continues to offer is a play period, homework coordination and supervision, snack time, cooking, games, computer lab, arts & crafts, outings, sports and field trips. Services to community members include workshops as well as in-service training for supervisors and day-care workers. Continued Professional Development is offered to all staff members in conjunction with the School Board, the CLSC and our parents. Other services offered include: Educational Researcher working on bilingual literacy development, early intervention in literacy and informed teaching strategies, Spiritual Care Animators, nurse, psychologist, morning and lunch supervisors, library technician, resource teachers, technicians, special needs attendants, speech-language pathologists and computer resource teacher. Students with special needs receive services based on their Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) and these are modified on a needs be basis.


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