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NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Jeanniton, Serge-Édouard  Administration Principal
Liberta, Terry   Secretary
Bedard, Karine  Elementary Teacher
Biunno, Cintia  Elementary Teacher
Bottega, Julie  Elementary Teacher
Boutin, Sophie  Elementary Teacher
Busnardo, Sonia  Elementary Teacher
Campagnale, Anna  Elementary Teacher
Chiasson, Susan  Elementary Teacher
DaCosta, Aura  Elementary Teacher
Dagenais, Sophie  Elementary Teacher
Day, Cheri-Ann   Teacher
Fiorilli, Sofia  Elementary Teacher
Iadinardi, Angie  Elementary Teacher
Mitchell, Christina  Kindergarten Teacher
Monaco, Lina  Kindergarten Teacher
Nocella, Pamela  Elementary Teacher
Parker, Cliff  Elementary Teacher
Rooney, Jessica  Kindergarten Teacher
Rossi, Mary  Elementary Teacher
Rother, Simon  Elementary Teacher
Scrocco, Susan  Elementary Teacher
Serri, Laura  Elementary Teacher
Silvestre, Linda  Elementary Teacher
Simone, Mirella  Elementary Teacher
Siokas, Helena  Elementary Teacher
Sommer, Lynn  Elementary Teacher
Taylor Hamel, Erin  Elementary Teacher
Tomasino, Melissa  Elementary Teacher
Zerbino, Jenny  Elementary Teacher

Word of the Day: WHIMSICAL
Definition: (adjective) Determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason.

Synonyms: capricious, impulsive.

Usage: He had an offbeat, whimsical sense of humor.